Thursday, November 3, 2011

Personal Goals

Or, Growing Up and Buckling Down.

People tend to get mad at me when I start talking about needing to get in shape.  After all, even at my heaviest (135-140 lbs in 2009) I was still petite.  But the truth is, I am woefully out of shape.  Yes, I know, most people call me "skinny".  I'm a small person, and I'm supposed to be small.  I'm 5'3", I have a very small frame, and my ideal body weight is around 115 lbs. 

But I'm not just talking about weight.  I'm talking about being healthy.   I haven't gotten any regular exercise since high school, when I was on the dance team.  Back then I was very definitely in shape.  Now?  Not so much.  I eat way too many sweets and I've done no more than flirt with exercise for the past 4 or 5 years.  Taking a single flight of stairs quickly is enough to leave me out of breath, I'm always tired, and I'm squishy everywhere.
I'm closer to 30 than to 20, I have children for whom I need to set a good example, and it's past time for me to start exercising some will power.  So I've set some goals for myself.  

Goal # 1:  Eat smarter.  I've cut myself back to only a single serving of sweets per day (I stumbled over Halloween), and I've gone back to snacking on fruits and veggies.  I've also become aware of my portion sizes, and stopped eating after I'm full just because it's good.

Goal #2: Exercise daily, to improve my cardiovascular health and tone my body.  I started the 30 Day Shred  two weeks ago, and I've only missed one day.  It's only 20 minutes a day-- totally do-able! I've already seen a huge improvement in my endurance and flexibility, and now, instead of feeling like I'm about to die at the end of a work out, I feel alive and energized!  All totaled, I'm down to 118 lbs, and I've lost 1" each from my waist and my hips.  I'm feeling so much better!  I'm needing less sleep, I feel more confident, and--bonus!--my headaches are less severe. 

I am not focusing on losing weight or inches; I'm using those measurements to help quantify my progress.  Being trim will come naturally from meeting those 2 main goals.  I'd be lying, though, if I told you that I'm not excited about being able to wear my tight jeans comfortably, or about wearing my little black dress with confidence to the command Christmas party, or the appreciative "damn, baby!" that I got when my husband smacked my bottom the other day.  No, I'm focusing on being healthy--but all those other things are keeping me motivated.

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