Thursday, August 23, 2012

Like a Yo-Yo

     Up and down, and round and round till I'm dizzy.  Warning: this post is something of a rant.
     My experiment with the Celexa was a spectacular failure. I felt worse taking the Celexa than I did on the Prozac, and I was having very vivid, very bizarre dreams.  I went back to the doctor, but my doctor was on vacation (naturally) so I saw someone else.  This someone was nice enough, but it's always hard to do a med-check with someone who doesn't know me or my history, and I wasn't impressed with his manner.  He put me back on the Prozac, which is admittedly an improvement over the Celexa, but he also put me on Trazodone because of the dreams.  I took it only once.  Not only did it not keep me from dreaming, but left me feeling drugged the next morning. And do you know why?  Trazodone is used to treat depression and insomnia.  I am quite the opposite of an insomniac.  I sleep far, far too much.  I told him that.  And yet he gave me the Trazodone anyway.   Fortunately, I had a sneaking suspicion what would happen, and I took it on a Friday night so that Brandon would be around the next morning.  This was a very, very good thing, because I slept until 10:30 and then was worthless for a good while even after I did get up.
     So I called again to try make an appointment with my doctor, only to find that within days of returning from vacation, she'd been transferred to another clinic.  I now have a new doctor to get to know.  Yay.  I'll be seeing her at the beginning of September, so until then, I'll continue on the Prozac.  But, there's good news!
     The last time I saw her, my doctor put in a counseling referral for me.  I've seen my new counselor twice, and already I think that this will be beneficial for me.  When I was there yesterday, he referred me to the clinic psychiatrist so that I would no longer have to worry about being bounced around between doctors when it comes to managing my medication.  If I can get in to see her quickly, then I will just cancel the appointment with my new doc and wait to see her when I have a cold.

     Not surprisingly, I haven't been exercising.  I keep telling myself that I ought to, but then I don't.  I suppose I've kind of put that on hold while I try to get my head on straight.  Here's to being healthy, in body and mind.

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  1. I just wrote a little about my own mental health issues! :)

    It is quite a spiraling effect. Years ago, a therapist told me that if something, like exercise, feels like too much, i should start with something minimal. Like watering some plants outside or doing some stretches. Even if I never make it past that small thing (which many times I end up doing a lot more), I won't feel like I did nothing at all.


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