Monday, February 11, 2013

Day Eight

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I made it to day 8!  I'm doing well with  meeting my exercise goals: I worked out Monday-Friday last week (yay!), skipped Saturday and Sunday (boo!), and I'm back at it today (yay!).  I'm not having as much success with my diet, but I am doing better with it than I was.  I'm reaching more often for things like carrots, and I have cut back on the sweets a bit.  Here are my stats after my first week of tracking:

waist: 30"  (down 1")
hips:  37.5" (no change)
weight: 116lbs (down 2 lbs)

That's pretty encouraging, after only a week!  This week, I'm going to push harder to work out every day, and definitely work harder at controlling what I feed myself.  Wish me luck for Week 2!

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